Mindfulness on the Specatators of Anthropology Theater: Mini-mini #3 Batu (Stone)

Mutia Husna Avezahra

Faculty of Psychology

State University of Malang
Jalan Semarang 5, Malang, East Java, Indonesia


Abstract—In the development of performing art in the beggining of 20 century, There was a concept and method of theatre called Theatre Antropology by Eugenio Barba. Theatre Antropology is a method of theatre which continue daily activity simultaneously. This approach supports performers for producing creativity as a form of body reaction, some thought and performer’s spirituality, furthermore, its process attain a bare ritual from everything in the self by fully concentration. Based on that method, performers have potency to create mindfulness through of paying attention activity in the specific experience. This research observes performers of performing art titled Mini-min i#3 Batu by Anwari as the director, the award of Hibah Seni Kelola 2016 category Pentas Keliling. This research conducted by qualitative research method with a case study research approach. Procedures of collecting data were in-depth interview, observation and accessing personal document for support information of this performing art. Data analysis technique used thematic analysis with two steps: open coding and axial coding. This research reveals that mindfulness of theatre antropology Mini-mini #3 Batu actors is the actvity which concerned at the personal experience and surround stage for attaining the sincere feeling.

Keywords: Mindfulness, Mini-mini performing art, theatre anthropology


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